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Welcome to simulogics.

Who we are.

We are a small independent software development studio located in Germany. We've been making mostly web-based applications and tools for more than 10 years, both for external customers as well as own in-house projects.

What we do.

Generally speaking, we are the right company to talk to when you are in need of any kind of specialized web application, be it your company website, your very own e-commerce project or an intra-web tool to support your company's internal processes. If you need something else, chances are we can do that, too. Just ask.

How we do it.

We have a strong background in aviation, transport and logistics. We have provided our services to a number of large international airlines, global logistics providers and specialized media outlets. With these insights we can offer a robust understanding of both your processes and goals as well as the technical side of how to realize your visions.

What we have done.

Reversed auction platforms, tender management tools, small websites, large news portals, business intelligence tools, browser-based simulation games...we have done a lot. Take a look at our portfolio for an overview.