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Throughout more than 10 years we have worked on projects of various types and sizes. You can find an extract of the complete list below.

AirlineSim / in-house

Our largest and most important in-house project to date is a browser-based business simulation game which let's you run your own airline empire. In several game worlds thousands of players compete against each other. At the core of the simulation runs a system that can generate billions of flight connections to create a game environment that feels real and alive. More than 10 years of R&D have gone into this system and most other parts of the game, making it the most advanced simulation game of its kind.

Prosperous Universe / in-house

Taking business simulation to the next level, Prosperous Universe will be a browser-based massive multiplayer online game that allows thousands of players to trade, transport and produce materials in a single persistent game world. The system is built using bleeding edge technologies - both server-side and on the client - and will be operated in a high-performance, high-availability cluster setup.

ch-aviation / ch-aviation GmbH

The most extensive and up to date airline knowledge base in the world. simulogics does all of the development including the portal itself as well as various backend and business intelligence tools to process large amounts of raw data into a usable form. We also provide on-going technical support and consulting services.

Online Check-In Interface / OneJet

We built the online check-in front-end for OneJet, an innovative airline start-up. The application is embedded into an existing CMS and interfaces with 3rd party reservation systems. It employs only technologies that were already available in the customer's environment, keeping moving parts to a minimum.

Tender Management / Agility Logistics

For Agility Logistics we designed a revised tender management process and developed the supporting software tools for use on large global transport tenders comprising several thousand lanes each.