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Privacy Statement

This English summary of our Privacy Statement exists for convenience only. The German version is binding and more detailed.

We process all information provided by the user according to the applicable privacy laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. All employees of simulogics are committed to keep provided information confidential and were instructed on the contents of the privacy policy.

Data Collection and Processing

The amount of data will vary according to the service and types of payment the user uses. All data provided by the user in forms, the IP-address, duration and usage itself will be stored.

simulogics stores information to fulfill the contract closed between the user and simulogics. As well as supervision of the terms & conditions and the game rules, simulogics is highly committed that no errors may occure in the payment system. According to the type of payment different information will be needed. Only data will be gathered that is needed to ensure the procedures of the game as well as the payment.

Also we are storing your information, according to the terms & comditions and the customer relations. The information will be also used to keep the user in touch with the latest developement.

Transmission to third parties

Data, which is related to any payments, will be transmitted to third parties, e.g. credit card suppliers, financial institutions, Paypal, etc., accordingly to the type of payment chosen by the user. In case of a default of the user the data will be also transmitted accordingly. We reserve the right to forward information to a encashment agency a debit information data base or any other institution supporting the claim.

Transmission of any information is regulated by ยง 6 of the terms & conditions.


If any question towards the privacy regulations and safety of your information occure, please do not hesitate to ask the privacy officer of simulogics (